Penyffordd Summer Camp


Penyffordd Scouts recently held their annual Summer Camp at kibblestone international campsite in Stafford. 15 Scouts, 2 explorer Scouts and 5 Leaders all enjoyed an action packed week full of adventurous activities such as rock climbing, swimming, raft building, tree climbing, crate climbing caving and the Eliminator.

The Eliminator was a race between two people up a 10 metre high obstacle course. 14 year old Yasmin Hewitt commented 'The Eliminator was a really fun and exciting experience, It was really hard reaching the top but helped me get over my fear of heights.'


During their week away the Scouts also enjoyed a day out, they spent the morning shopping in the local town of Stone then made the short trip to Water World, a water park with lots of fun slides. 14 year old Jamie Dixon said 'My favourite slide was the SpaceBowl. You would go down a short slide and then chute out into what looked like a big plastic bowl that you spin around in before plunging into a big pool at the bottom.'


Throughout the week as well as taking part in all the activities on offer the Scouts also developed their life skills. Scout Leader Chris Williams said 'Scouts can learn skills throughout their time with us that will help them later on in life, simple things such as cooking, whether it's on gas cookers or open fire can give them knowledge that not many children of their age learn these days. Scouts is also very much about team work and working well with people who are both younger and older than yourself.'

12 Year old Ryan Barnes said 'My favourite activity was indoor caving, it was challenging but great fun!'


The Scouts are now looking forward to the next year of adventure, Scout leader Sue Randle said 'We've got lots of fun things planned for the Scouts over the next year, things that will challenge them and take them out of their comfort Zone, saying that, the leaders will probably struggle more. All Scout leaders are volunteers so we like to take part in all the activities that the Scouts do so that it's not just them that have all the fun! Scouts is a great way to keep kids active, I know that a lot of children don't do enough exercise these days, but Scouts is a very active organisation and really helps keep them fit, whilst having lots of fun!'



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