Operation Commando


Montgomeryshire Scouts have invited members of Clwyd Area to take part in their Operation Commando event for Scouts and Explorer Scouts.

Leaders are not required to attend, but as always there are tasks for any who wish to take part in this fun day in the forest.

The event is suitable for Scouts of any age, so none should be excluded due to inexperience. However to be fair to all Scouts and Explorers, Troops and Units should practice map reading and navigation before the event - skills that you are no doubt passing on all the time anyway.

Approximately one week before the event they would be grateful for an indication of the number of Scouts, Explorer Scouts and adults that you will be bringing to the event so that they can print the required number of maps and buy enough hot dogs!

As in recent years, the cost of entry is £4 per Scout or Explorer Scout payable on the day.


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