Online Nights Away Notification Form


For all Nights Away experiences all of the information below should be with your District Commissioner (or appointee) SEVEN days before the event (in normal circumstances).


For all Nights Away held at facilities not owned or operated by Scouting, such as public or commercial campsites and youth hostels, the host District Commissioner must also receive a copy of the information, normally this should be FOURTEEN days before the event.


Fill in the form online and click on 'Submit' and the information will be emailed to your District Commissioner or whoever else looks after Nights Away in your District.


Permit holder's details


Name Email Phone


District or Area Group, Unit or Network


Section: Beavers   Cubs   Scouts   Explorers   Network


If the Event Leader is not the Permit holder, or if a young person with a Nights Away Passport is leading the event, enter their details below:


Name Email Phone


Nights Away details


Venue name Address Phone


Event dates: From To Number of nights


Numbers: BS CS S ES SNet/Leader


Type of event (eg sleepover, Pack holiday, hike etc)


Special Activities (ie those requiring Authoristation)


Please check with your District Commissioner or ScoutBase UK to ensure that your site does not fall within a restricted camping area. It is recommended you read "Prohibited and Restricted Camping Areas" which is published annually.


In Touch details


GSL or DESC Aware: Yes   No  


Home DC Name Phone


Host DC Name (see Note 1) Phone


OR (see Note 2) Scout Campsite Phone


Note 1: If you know the postcode of your site, the Scout Information Centre on 0845 300 1818, can tell you the name and address of the local District Commissioner.


Note 2: If you are using Scout owned or operated facilities there is no need to enter Host DC details only the Scout campsite details.


A copy of this form to print out and fill in is available here